Sunday, 12 August 2012

Flower Power (Read, Reuse, Recycle)

I've been recycling our withdrawn books again. In this case just the one book, aptly titled, Essence of Creativity. It's one of the many business books we've withdrawn recently and given the serendipity of the title I couldn't help but have a play. In case you are interested I used these instructions from Origami Fun.

Making the flowers was actually quite a challenge, the paper is good quality and so difficult to fold repeatedly. The smaller ones especially were difficult to form which is why some of them have fewer petals than others. It's easy to fold the 'petals' back on themselves to hide them if you find the full eight won't fit.

I'm pleased with the flowers themselves but not sure about the context of the photographs. I missed out on the good weather yesterday but when it improves I think I might experiment in a more natural environment. I also have some colourful flowers created from an old recipe book which I also need to come up with a context for. Initially I was thinking of using the library again but I think they need a more monotone environment to make them really stand out.

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