Monday, 27 August 2012

Here Comes the Sun (Briefly)

I spent a lot of this weekend either napping or working on my Chartership portfolio. Not exactly rock and roll but then I'm not as young as I used to be.

In between the sleeping and working I started writing a Week In the Life of a FE Librarian post for this blog. However it's not turned out as I thought and I'm in two minds whether to post it. What I did manage to do, in the very brief period of sunshine on Sunday, was to get out and take some photos.

It was only after I had gathered all my bits together that I realised I had left my SLR at work so armed only with my ipod I went out to make the most of the sunshine. The glare meant I was essentially shooting blind so the resulting pictures are a bit over exposed and lacking depth but a good starting point for other work. Because some of the images weren't brilliant I had a fiddle on iPhoto, something I rarely do nowadays.

 I'm still not sure about the colour photos, I suspect that this might be the last time I work with colour in this context. However I think there is much more to be done with the black and white work once I find the time so watch this space.

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