Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Printing Flowers

This post follows on from the previous one rather quicker than I expected.  Due to a combination of asthma problems and a very painful Achilles heel I've been spending a lot less time running and a lot more time mooching round the flat trying to entertain myself. And with exercise off the board that normally means something creative. 

Rather than buying anything new I've just used what I had in the flat. So that's some erasers I'd bought a while ago and some remainments  from previous projects including a leather skirt and a printed Laura Ashley off cut. The inks are permanent ones I've had for a while and which print well onto a variety materials, including fabric and paper. All in all I'm rather pleased with the results although I think some refinement is needed to my leaves. 

Not all the stamps are new or developed from my flower drawings. The dandelion seeds are there simply because I love the stamp and wanted to use it again. The ants are an old stamp I made back when I was first experimenting with rubber stamps in 2013. The leaf used with them is a new one originally intended to match the composite flowers.  The geometric shapes of this stamp seemed to match the ants better than the curves of the flowers and I was then able to pair up another recycled stamp (curved leaf) with the composite flowers created by grouping repeats of the stylised petals. 

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