Saturday, 18 November 2017

Telephone Stand Repurposed

A while ago I bought a telephone stand from eBay. It was from a trader who I've  used several times before and who seem to specialise in house clearances of varying quality. It was the legs that attracted me to the piece originally and I managed to pick it up for twenty pounds (including delivery) 

It quickly became apparent that it was actually homemade but despite this I loved the mid century style of it.  I'd originally thought I'd sand it back and paint part of it, leaving some of the natural wood showing through. However it quickly became apparent that the wood wasn't of sufficient quality and that no amount of sanding would get rid of the reddish colour of the pine. So, time for a rethink. 

I removed the legs and the pad, discarding the latter. The legs got sanded back and waxed. 

After removing the upper tier I painted both parts in white furniture paint. It took three layers until the reddish stain stopped showing through. I then left it a few days for the paint to fully cure. 

The pattern was created with masking tape, well stuck down to prevent seepage. I used a chalky blue paint and originally had the grey section green before I changed my mind. It needed two coats and I let both coats thoroughly dry before peeling back the tape. 

The intention is to use it as a plant stand in what will be the front room of my new place. It will be a burst of colour in what hopefully will be a relatively calm room. 

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