Monday, 16 October 2017

Old and New

I'm on the verge of embarking on another adventure and finally moving back north to be nearer friends and family. While this is absolutely the right decision for me there is a part of me that feels a moment of regret. After spending so much time creating my home it would have been nice to spend a bit more time here before moving on. 

It's easy to forget just how I've transformed this place and so I wanted to record it while I can. So here is the old and new, before it becomes someone else's new.

My two bed roomed maisonette hadn't been lived in for a couple of years and had previously been occupied by an elderly gentleman. I doubt it had been decorated since the 70's and was probably worse than a blank canvas. There was no functioning heating system and as a result I had no hot water for the first few months I lived here. A new bathroom and gas central heating were the first job and this, along with some electrical work and plastering were the only jobs I paid professionals for. The rest I did myself, renovating furniture and the original kitchen to create something unique. 

Starting with the second bedroom, most of the furnishings in this room I already owned and as it was to double as my craft/study room I only put a day bed in rather than a double. Like the living room it has double doors leading onto a balcony so I frosted this using stencils and removable glass spray to give me a bit more privacy.

One of the new items in this room was the chair, an ebay bargain I'd recovered with John Lewis fabric before I moved in. Amazing what you can do with some new fabric!

 The other 3 chairs went with an ebay dining table I'd covered with some Orla Kiely wallpaper. I'd spent some time hunting for a folding table that would suit my style and the one I found was perfect after I'd sanded the legs and hidden the damaged formica top. While I love the classic stem print from Orla Kiely I was careful to mix it up to prevent the room becoming too much like a catalogue show room.  The same print is repeated on the stencilled and decoupaged sideboard and as a lining to the bookcases but I've also vintage fabric on the cushions and the John Lewis chair fabric.

 As you can see I found I had an original fireplace once I ripped back the plywood cover, something that was a lovely surprise on my first day in the flat. The carpets quickly followed the plywood and for much of my occupancy I had painted floors. For this purpose I used bog standard garage floor paint which did well for the period before I got carpets. In fact the carpets only went down a week before I put it on the market, far from ideal!

Other things of note in the living are my lovely lampshades, created from flat pack Ikea shades and bird on a line wall stickers, and my one pound coffee table picked up from a New Forest vintage shop that was closing down.  Only the sofa and bookcases were bought new and everything else was second hand or wombled.

Leading off the living room and I think it is this space that has been really transformed. Sadly those amazing 'tiles'  were just stick on vinyl and everything had to be ripped out. Most of the plaster came with it and the space had to be totally replastered before the boiler could go in. I did manage to keep most of the units although the ones that came out to make space for a fridge freezer and washing machine proved so stubborn a sledge hammer was needed.

The real labour of love in the kitchen is the worktops and splashback. Made from recycled scaffold boards they've been sanded, filled, varnished and waxed. I love them and so wish I could take them with me. I did these and the tiling myself and love the result. Sleek fitted kitchen it isn't but it suits me and is a great space to work in. 

Finally is my bedroom, a space that is purposely quiet and muted. No TV and no bright colours and lots of storage for not just my clothes but also outdoor kit. One of my favourite items in this room is the rag rug I made from the original curtains. It'll mean I can take a bit of the house with me when I leave and have a reminder of what I created.

After being adamant I wasn't going to take on a project my next house is indeed a project with damp proofing work needed before I even start thinking about decorating. I've a learnt a lot of skills though and am confident I can tackle most things going forward. Here's to the next challenge!

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