Sunday, 19 April 2015


I've been playing with printing quite a lot over the last few months but it's been a long time since I saw anything through to completion. Inspired by BABE 2015 earlier this month I was determined to put that right, even if it wasn't one of the books I've been working on for a while. 

So in a departure from my birds and landscapes I decided to do something with the punched cards that our collections team have been collecting from books as the library weeds and reviews stock. Dating back to the 1960s I had to have the purpose of these cards explained to me, but after reading a few forum posts I knew exactly what I wanted to do. They won't make sense to everyone, but if they do you're welcome to contact me and I'll send you one. Nor are they particularly pretty or aesthetic but I reckon they might appeal to a certain demographic of my followers...

I was reminded I had the cards because I was toying with a more complex idea around redundant formats. I'm working through exactly what I want to do but at the moment I'm sketching out line drawings of redundant formats, aiming to print them as lino prints, possibly on another type of redundant format.  Film, vinyl, cassettes, floppy discs, slides, VHS. Things that were once the peak of technology but which we now use only for bespoke or niche purposes. The point being that I'd be printing these in an even more niche and archaic way, on materials that themselves are discarded. I just have to work out what! 

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