Sunday, 8 March 2015

Turning Point

This weekend has been something of a turning point for me. On Friday, after 6 hours interviewing at work I came home to the notification that my Decre Nisi would be heard on the 20th March. And after spending two weeks dreading finding it on my door step I feel remarkably centred about it. Turns out a known entity is much less scary than an unknown one. There also happens to be a partial solar eclipse at almost the exact time it will be heard, which has made me chuckle somewhat. 

I also ran. Not for the first time. That was last week, a very tentative Park Run during which I imagined pain with every step and was relieved to get over the line. This week I wasn't quite so circumspect, clocking a respectable 24.36 for the 5k. Not bad for an old lady with a dodgy ankle. But a long way off the 25k I'm still due to run in May. I'll get there though. I'm confident of that. 

Finally I finished some prints I've been developing and working on for a number of weeks now, bringing together a Lino cut inspired by my trip to Iceland and work I've been doing with maps, specifically a Bartholomew's Half inch sheet, a series I much prefer to the Ordnance Survey editions. I've had to plan and really think about how to pull the prints together. They combine transfer prints, traditional Lino cutting and my faithful birds and have taken several stages to complete. While I'm still playing with ideas, and the final prints are yet to be made, I know what form they will take and the nature of the series they will make. I'm looking at an edition of four, spring, summer, autumn and winter, coloured appropriately like the final image below once my new inks arrive. 

I've also got some other work in process, which are destined to be made into bound books once they are properly dried out. The books will be titled Flee or Flight and like the prints use second hand maps, specifically ones of areas I've lived in since leaving Manchester. The prints don't look like much at the moment but hopefully will be transformed once they are folded and bound into their covers. They are also a much more personal piece of work, representing the journey I've made over the last two years. 

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