Sunday, 27 April 2014

Maker Fair UK and Traveling Librarian

One of the things on my list for this year was to attend the Maker Fair UK 2014, partly because I've recently resubmitted my application for the Traveling Librarian award and partly for my own curiosity.  Unfortunately it turned out I was other wise engaged, specifically traveling on a 12 hour flight back from Singapore, so I missed out once again. 

However as always I followed the tweets and for my own satisfaction put together a brief Storify of some of the highlights. Okay, I've been selective, but I wanted to show the range of creating that happened at Maker Fair, both low and high tech. There were daleks, robots, vintage game consoles and automatic artists but also badge making and shadow puppets. I suppose I have my own agenda, looking as I am at 'Making' in libraries, but certainly many of the activities wouldn't be out of place on a young reader or childrens engagement program, if an authority had the resources and inclination.

Link to Maker Fair 2014 Storify (Selected Tweets)

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