Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prints for Inspiration - American Museum

I found these prints in at the American Museum in Bath. They are modern takes on traditional North American art and were by far my favorite aspect of the museum. 

As only non flash photography is allowed and I only had my camera phone on me they were difficult to capture. However I wanted to post them as inspiration to some future prints I'm thinking of making. The limited colours used in blocks lends itself to the rubber stamps I've been making and I think this style would translate well in the format

Prints aside the America Museum is worth a visit. They have some lovely period rooms and a selection of quilts that is incredible. There are also a few activities for kids and a very interesting and well done timeline of American History. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time as the house and grounds are large - we ran out of time to visit the gardens which have a lovely outlook over the Wiltshire Countryside

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