Thursday 5 July 2012

Chartership Chat 3rd July

Tuesday's Chartership Chat had been arranged at short notice and it had no specific topic. However as normal there were plenty of people participating, some through the whole hour and some popping in and out as other commitments allowed. We even had someone from the US. 
In summary the points covered were:

  • Our expected completion dates and our current progress. Many people commented that they were struggling to fit in Chartership with it being conference season and other commitments such as courses / projects. 
  • The value of Chartership in CPD and how regularly updating PPDP can help keep you focused on your goals.
  • The different methods people were using for recording progress and communicating with mentor - Word, Wikis, Email, Google Docs, Dropbox and PB works
  • Doing CDP23 in connection to Chartership and whether people follow the 23 weeks religiously or just dip in and out. It was commented that cpd23 could be used to show reflective practice (blog) and demonstrating use of new technology but that some people felt it was difficult to do both.
  • The value of local meet ups with other people doing Chartership, even if they are informal events.
  • A side topic on whether employers supported Chartership by offering increments (no one did!) and whether it was required for jobs.
I've been following the Chartership Chats almost since they began and although I haven't made every one I always find them a real motivator. It was no coincidence that my first participation also coincided with my Twitter debut as the chats were the main reason that I signed up.
The Chartership Chats demonstrate why you should be on Twitter. I don't know most of the people who participate in the chats and in some cases I will probably never meet them. Many come from different sectors to my own.  However I always learn something new, get some practical ideas and most importantly get a virtual kick up the back side to get some work done. It's a great opportunity to see how other people are attacking Chartership. Outside of the chats I continue to learn and share ideas with the people who participate.

If you are doing Chartership and aren't engaging with the profession on Twitter I really think you need to rethink your stance. Conferences and email lists can only be so current, Twitter is about the here and now and will enhance any experience, whether real or virtual - try searching CILIPARLG12 on Twitter of you want to see an example. 

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  1. Thanks for writing this summary, Jenny!
    I agree with you - the chartership chats are definitely a big motivator for me and I always leave with lots of new ideas.