Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ARLG in Newcastle - Day 2

Right, I'm going to make a confession now. If I'm totally honest I didn't think I got as much out of my sessions yesterday (Tuesday) as I thought I might. The subject guide one was to HE focused and not what I was expecting and although I enjoyed the Eggs in the Morning marketing session I'm not sure we have enough influence within the college to really make much use of it. 

I did enjoy the afternoon plenary from Paul Abernethy so I was pleased to find myself sitting next to him during the gala dinner. We had an interesting talk, it was nice to see someone so passionate about their university and the services offered by it. Although we both agreed that the situation in FE, where we don't always have the strong student unions found in universities, is slightly different, I do envy the strong relationship between the SU and the library at LJM. While Paul admitted that their meetings can be challenging the regular dialogue must be invaluable to the library when they are shaping their services. 

I also enjoyed the City of Bristol College presentation on their elearning focused learning zone. I maybe wouldn't have done everything they have (the emphasis on laptops made me raise an eyebrow given the problems we have with ours) but it is a model that I would like to see more of and one a lot of us can learn from. I love the idea of the library (learning zone?) being in the middle of the building without doors. We are quite tucked away and I know that really impacts which students come to us. We even got to draw our perfect LLC which aptly, given we were focusing on elearning, we did on my Notability App. 

My blog for Day 3 will follow shortly as I've been writing it up on the train before updating this one. Hope you enjoy.

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